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Choir Performance

Audubon Comunity Choir

restoring history through the power of music

An Introduction...

Built in 1912, the 753 seat and 1 screen Highland Theater in Audubon, NJ was an attraction for the silent film era, easily accessible by train. By 1938 it was relabeled the "New" Highland Theater and by the late 40's, closed and sold to the  Audubon Masonic Temple association, a Masonic Lodge who had met in Audubon since 1920. 

Since the late 40's, music nor film has publicly graced the building. Our goal  is to bring music back to this icon of the golden age of film and raise money to help restore it to its former glory. 

We welcome anyone over 18 to submit an application, regardless of your background. And while we may be operating in a Masonic Temple, you do not have to be a Mason to join our choir. 

Audubon Community Choir, in partnership with Audubon-Parkside Lodge #218 hope that whether you decide to sing with us or attend our concerts, we look forward to restoring history with the power of music with you and our community.

Highland Theater .png


Sundays 2:00pm - 3:30pm
Audubon Masonic Temple
305 East Atlantic Ave
Audubon, NJ


"From Earth to the Heavens"
Friday April 14 7:00pm
Sunday April 16 2:00pm
Ticket cost TBA

special events

Check back
for special events

Steven McCormack.png

Steven D. McCormack

Thank you for your interest in the chorus. I'm a resident of Audubon and a music educator, having earned my degree in music from Rowan University in 2018 and have since been teaching and performing in the local area both as a vocalist and instrumentalist.  It has been my dream for some time to start my own community chorus with the aim and goal of giving adults the opportunity to create music again and share their musical passion and beauty with the community. I look forward to starting this new journey and watching the growth of the Audubon Community Chorus.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Send Me An Email, and i'll get back to you as soon as I am able. 

I look forward to having you come out and sing with us!

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