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To Be One Ask One

We are glad you have taken the first step to joining in the rich traditions of Freemasonry. However, we must  first remind you that joining the fraternity is a life long decision, so we encourage you to first read through the links we have posted in the "About Freemasonry" menu above. If, after reading about the fraternity, you still feel as if Freemasonry is the right fit for you,  please ensure you can meet the requirements listed below. If so, we welcome you to fill out the form on this page to get started!

  1. You must ASK to petition to become a Freemason, we do not actively recruit new members

  2. You must be a good man 18 years old or older

  3. You believe in a supreme being. No atheist can be made a Mason. You are not required to be of any particular religion, only that you believe in god, or a deity

  4. You can provide references to members of the local community that can vouch for your high moral character

  5. You are willing to submit to a criminal background check

  6. You must be able to pay the initiation fees and annual membership dues without causing any hardship to your family. Initiation fees can cost around $200-$250 and annual dues around $175 (as of September 2019)

  7. You are willing and able to meet with a Masonic mentor at a minimum of once a week during your initial degrees

  8. You understand that Freemasonry does not offer any financial benefits such as insurance like other fraternal organizations may

Ready To Join? 

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